Saturday, January 10, 2009

Truly aaxion jothi!!

My steadfastness in keeping myself up to date with almost all tamil movie releases is something I am 'very proud' of. Tiruvannamalai-action jothi would probably be the last on the 'to see' movie list of all Indians alive, with the exception of those who made it. I beg(gged) to be different. Thank GOD for the fact that I wasn't put off by this.
Coming from this immensely talented director named Perarasu (I had a tough time spelling it out!!), it is natural that expectations 'so(u)ar'. The introduction scene of our own Action King is thrilling to say the least, though he does test our patience by reviewing his counting skills a la 'BABA COUNTING'. What you witness in the first half is a battle of the brains between the hero and the villain. But the director makes up for the lack of thrills by introducing a 'few' more villains to ensure there are enough actions blocks with a lot of comic interludes. The chief comedian, I mean apart from the director himself, is our heroine. I am sure the girl would go places, a great 'find' no doubt. Arjun's comic timing is a revelation of sorts and this pilim exploits yet another dimension of his acting repertoire.
Another high'light' of this movie is the music. Srikanth's rich musical lineage is well known and his music would make (only) his daddy very proud. The generous use of drums and trumpets is soothing to the ear and lesser mortals like ARR and Raja would (un)learn a thing or two by apprenticing with the family's tro(o)up.
I am pretty sure Kavithalaya would be raking in the moolah. The fiim is a huge hit with the A,B and C segment audience.
A few noteworthy cameos: (WARNING:list is not exhaustive)
Sai Kumar the main villain, MLA plays his part as an intelligent baddie beautifully. Full marks.
Chitti Babu: I am a big fan of his comic abilities. He plays a lackey to the MLA and his facial distortions and histrionic abilities have been maximally utilized. Yet another great performance.
Arjun and Arjun: You must be wondering if it's a typo. Arjun plays a double role and the difference he brings out in them is so much I had to write down the same thing twice. His best performance to date.
Perarasu: Most reviews I read did not even carry a mention of his cameo, what a grave injustice to this man. He comes only for a couple of scenes, but the impact he creates is so profound that you cannot but wish he does bigger roles, may be even that of the protagonist.
Last but not the least, I thank the ALMIGHTY for giving me the patience and will to see this movie and more importantly for g(L)orifying it. I also wish to thank my reader(s) who has/have read this patiently. I pray to you GOD that my worst fears that I would be the only one reading this, should not come true.
The sole purpose of this is post can be summed up as நான் பெற்ற இன்பம் பெருக இவ்வையகம்.
Translated roughly as Let the world enjoy the 'bliss' I have 'enjoyed'